Technology Services

Intelligent Systems Delivering Business Insight

Digital transformation has provided tools that allow us to move from delivering historical, to real-time, to predictive feedback. We develop, implement and support the systems that facilitating it.

technology services

Systems Development and Administration

We provide systems design, development and implementation services.

We have developed many solutions around the QuickBooks platform - we have been part of their ProAdvisor network since 2004. QuickBooks is appropriate for self-employed individuals and small businesses looking for an inexpensive solution that supports all the major business cycles and is functional out-of-the-box.

We are also heavily invested in our relationship with Microsoft. We are a Tier-1 Cloud Solutions Provider. We license and support products built around the Azure/Dynamics/Office365 environment and develop custom applications to take advantage of advanced functionality exposed in this ecosystem.

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microsoft services

Data Analytics and Visualizations

Charactistic of this latest technology boom is the availability of big data and the cloud computing resources necessary to digest it. We help clients understand how these advanced technologies can be used in their organization, set up intelligent agents to collect and analyze data, and produce visualizations to help understand and explore the data.

quickbooks services

Regardless of the size, shape or condition of your data, we can employ the tools to interpret it and the provide insight to monitize it.