Taxation Services

Reducing Costs and Mitigating Risk

Lifestyle changes coupled with an ever-evolving regulatory envirnment create both financial opportunities and threats. We help maximize returns our clients realize in attending to these affairs.

taxation services

Tax Planning

Tax planning can help identify tax exposures and migate their adverse impacts on profitability and wealth accumulation. We help our clients approach these challenges by assess regulatory requirements and financial impacts, so they can make better decisions about how to structure their affairs.

Some common tax planning scenerios Include:

  • Preparing tax opinion letters for the purpose of reducing or avoiding penalties
  • Evaluating the financial impact of an accounting methods change
  • Choosing a tax regime for a new business
  • Structuring sales, purchases or mergers with businesses
  • Identifying state and local tax exposures via a nexus study
  • Retirement and healthcare planning

Tax Compliance

Our compliance services focus on helping individuals register, maintain and dissolve relationships with state and federal tax authorities. We prepare tax returns for clients nationwide and many of our clients have multijurisdictional tax obligations.

Unlike planning and representation, many form preparetion activities are highly homogenous, which allows us to use standardized processes and automation to deliver these services accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Tax Representation

We provide representation services before federal and state tax authorities in most administrative proceedings and provide assistance to council in interpreting tax law in judicial proceedings.

Taxpayers that are being examined by a taxing authority can rely on our expertise to help respond to information requests, develop positions to defend against erroneous tax and penalty assesments and expedite closing the audit

We also help resolve issues with unpaid tax debts, potentially suspending leins, levys and seizures, by negotiating installment agreements and offers-in-compromise.