Finance Services

Charting a Course and Staying the Path

We help our clients understand how alternative courses of action will impact future cash flows when they are faced with complex transactions and life events.

finance services

Business Finance

We help businesses at all stages of their lifecycle navigate complex financial situations.

Start up enterprises rely on our support to determine an optimal operating struture given their capital structure and plans for expansion. We can develop business plans, financial models, pitch decks and loan packages to quantify managements' vision.

Mature businesses engage our firm to help compile and present financial information to prospective lenders and investors. Clients benefit from decades of experience evaulating the financial and tax implications of proposed transactions, both on the buy-side and the sell-side. We can help value businesses, assess the quality of earnings, model financial performance, and avoid costly missteps.

Personal Finance

We provide financial planning services to individuals that aims to help the chart a course of action, evaluate financial services products, and navigate through changing conditions to achieve their long-term financial goals.

There are six domains in the financial planning space, and while we often perform limit-scope engagement aimed at one area, clients generally benefit from looking at their financial picture holistically.


We can help clients address one or more of these areas and develop a holistic plan. A financial plan is simply a roadmap and, even with continuing support, it rarely survives a battle. For that reason, we provide ongoing support re-evaluating and updating the plan as changes occur, to ensure that unexpected events do not ballon into financial catastophes.