Accounting Services

Producing Information to Support Decisions

We help develop accounting systems to protect assets and support decisions with relevant, accurate information.

accounting services

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting systems are put in place to produce reports for third parties, such as investors, lenders or government agencies. We can help develop accounting policy and implementing controls to ensure all activity is captured, assets are secured and the risk of misstatement on the financial reports is minimize. We help source and train internal accounitnng personnel, and provide oversight and implement last-mile accounting procedures required to produce financial reports in accordance with GAAP or another basis of accounting.

Managerial Accounting

Our clients rely on use to provide insight into the relationships between activities, costs and financial performance. We help management develop a framework for identifying adbnormalities and taking corrective action.

Technology has had a profound impact in this area. It has become cost-effective to capture and analyze data in more granular ways. Historic information provides good rule-of-thumb to help manage day-to-day operations, but real-time and predictive analytics, combined with visual reporting tools, provide the means to communicate relevant information to a broader audienence.

Modeling and Projections

The budgeting process puts structure around the business planning process and establishes a framework for contigency planning. Management benefits from knowing what is expected so they can identify exceptions. The insight gained in the planning process can be invaluable in benchmarking performance and establishing a budget for the next operating cycle.

We help put structure around the accounting cycle to help quantify goals, track performance, and interpret result.