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Tax Planning

We choose to make tax planning the cornerstone of our practice because it produces an immediate, measurable return on investment. It answers the “what does it do” question about your accounting system. If your accounting data is accurate enough to forecast, we can help you plan to reduce tax costs.


Stay Informed
Staying informed ensures you take advantage of tax incentives that are available to you. Tax planning can help evaluate different operating and transaction structures, choose the tax efficient accounting procedures and assess the likelihood that a position will withstand a challenge by a government agency.  Opportunities to reduce tax costs present themselves in many forms. We help our clients navigate through tax complexities with confidence.


Capture Tax Incentives
We have assisted hundreds of individuals and businesses implement strategies to defer or avoid taxation. We can help evaluate your eligibility for special credits or deductions, implement systems to quantify amounts and build audit trails to substantiate savings.  Tax planning can dramatically improve the rate of return on your personal and business investments.


At Podraza CPA we take a proactive approach to reducing tax costs.  Tax planning puts you in control of your tax situation by providing a cost-benefit analysis of potential actions.


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  • taxoptimizedstructures

    Tax Optimized Structures

    We can help match your business objectives with a optimal tax structure for your venture.

  • taxoptimizedaccounting

    Tax Optimized Accounting

    Let us help you choose the accounting methods best suited to your operational profile and long-term business objectives.

  • taxcreditsanddeductions

    Tax Credits and Deductions

    We can provide advice on how to qualify for tax credits and deductions and assist in quantifying your savings.

  • writtentaxopinions

    Written Tax Opinions

    We can develop written tax opinions based on substantial authority to support tax positions taken on your return.

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