Tax Exempt Entities

Tax exempt entities face regulatory challenges and pressure from contributors, members and beneficiaries. Compliance is critical for tax exempt entities whose funding it typically tied to the organization’s exempt status. It helps to have a licensed professional to guide you through the complex requirements that are placed on non-profits.

Tax exempt status is a privilege afforded to entities that comply with the stringent statutory and regulatory requirements enforced by the Internal Revenue Service. This environment has become increasing complex over the past five to ten years and penalties for non-compliance can be painful. When an organization falls out of compliance it is not just the organization and its members that suffer, but also for the officers and directors, whose fiduciary duties often generate significant personal liability when the organization falls out of compliance.

Our clients operate in a number of areas, including educational institutions, credit counseling services, social and religious services, labor unions and charitable support. We can relate to the unique opportunities and challenges that tax exempt entities face.

Podraza CPA can provide assistance with exempt status applications, tax return preparation, compliance consulting and IRS representation for tax exempt entities.

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Podraza CPA can provide support to tax exempt entities trying to satisfy the demands of regulatory agencies, contributors, members and beneficiaries.