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Tax Services

Podraza CPA provides comprehensive tax services for individuals and closely-held businesses. We combine our technical training with real world experience to provide value beyond basic reporting services.


Tax ServicesProducing a respectable return-on-investment is becoming more and more difficult. Technology is forcing investors and businesses  to retool their operations on a regular basis, marketing strategies are duplicated within days of a campaign’s launch, credit standards are tightening and cash positions are tightening. Whether you are working a job, running a business or make investing a full time endeavor, paying taxes makes achieving your financial goals that much harder.


While the government is always going to take its pound of flesh, there are strategies you can employ to reduce your fair share.  It starts with effective planning.  Once the tax year closes, there is little you can do to reduce your tax burden.  Our tax services include keeping our clients informed about the latest legislative changes, so they can make good decisions.  Podraza CPA can help turn complex regulations into actionable items that produce real returns.


The second step is implementation.  Putting a plan in motion requires you to act and we can support you in that process.  We  can work with you, your financial adviser or attorney to implement the plan and if your strategy requires correspondence with the government, we can provide professional representation to make sure the job gets done right.


Finally, you need follow-through.  No benefits will be realized unless your tax returns are completed correctly.  This involves completing the necessary forms, making the appropriate elections and providing the required supplementary information to ensure you and the government are on the same page.


Tax services are the cornerstone of our firm’s practice and we work aggressively to help reduce our client’s fair share. Our approach considers all taxes, all costs and all parties. We can assist with planning, compliance and reporting, and representation before the IRS and other tax authorities.


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  • IndividualIncomeTax

    Individual Income Tax

    Individual income tax represents 40-45% of US Federal Tax receipts, so it is no surprise it continues to be a big part of what we do.

  • federaltax

    Federal Tax

    We have a comprehensive Federal Tax service that has been developed with closely-held businesses in mind.

  • stateandlocaltax

    State & Local Tax

    Don't overlook tax saving opportunities on state income taxes, sales and use taxes, property taxes or state employment taxes.

  • gifttrustandestate

    Gift, Trust & Estate Tax

    The estate tax has been in a constant state of flux, but some strategies have proven effective despite these ever changing conditions.

  • mergersacquisitionsanddispositions

    Mergers, Acquisitions and Dispositions

    Merging with or acquiring a firm is a tough transition. Let us help you simplify and expedite processing the transaction.

  • taxexemptentities

    Tax-Exempt Entities

    We can provide guidance to exempt entities challenged with the complex requirements of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • taxplanning

    Tax Planning

    Our tax planning services provide an immediate and measurable return on investment by helping reduce your tax costs.

  • taxrepresentation

    Tax Representation

    We have advocated tax positions for hundreds of individuals and businesses before the IRS and state and local government agencies.

For more information about the services our firm offers please call 480-998-3945, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST. You can also contact us using our online form.