Our budgeting service can help provide a road map for individuals and business managers – guidelines to help you achieve your financial goals. If you think about a financial statement like a report card, then you could consider a budget to be the answer key. A budget helps quantify goals and makes it easy to spot opportunities for improvement.

Using Budgets to Take Advantage of Opportunities 

Budgeting forces you to evaluate your revenues and expenses in light of your financial position (i.e. assets and liabilities). Although most of this information is probably at your fingertips, particularly when developing a household budget, we have often helped individuals and business owners uncover hidden revenues or unnecessary costs during the budgeting process.

Accomplish your Goals

Evaluating actual performance against budgeted performance can help quickly identify areas of opportunity. In both individual and personal financial planning, it is one of the first steps that needs to be undertaken. A properly organized budget not only ensures that your bills are paid on time, but it provides a benchmark against which we can evaluate progress being made on long-term financial objectives. Identifying problems early can ensure that the necessary adjustments are made to get you back on track.

Our budgeting services include:

  • Development of a baseline budget
  • Goal setting
  • Variance analysis*
  • Budget updates

Client’s working with our sister company, Podraza Financial Advisors, may find budgeting services to be an integral component of the holistic approach taken by Podraza Wealth Management.

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Podraza CPA's budgeting service can help provide a road map that helps quantify financial goals and makes it easy to identify opportunities for improvement.