Financial Modeling & Forecasting

Financial modeling and forecasting is a consultative service designed to help individuals and businesses quantify their plans, understand their financial performance, make better decisions and present their ambitions to outside parties. We know that individuals and business owners are faced with difficult decisions every day and we can help simplify decision making processes by showing them how to make use of time-tested analytical procedures.

Financial control starts with a budget – your hypothesis of how your life or a company will perform financially given the most likely set of circumstances. No two budgets are ever the same because assumptions and priorities change over time. We can, however, validate budgets developed with a best guesses using statistical methods and sensitivity analyses. As business or personal financial statements are produced, they can be compared to the budget to help you understand the nature of your costs and identify inefficiencies – it becomes a road map that helps you stay on track.

In more advanced modeling budgets are converted into financial forecasts (most-likely scenarios) or projections (what-if scenarios), which are a formal presentation of the budget. In a business scenario these are often appended to a business plan so that potential creditors or investors can make lending or investment decisions. Further analysis through costing, pro-forma analysis and financial projections can help management understand costs and present the expected financial results of their business plans to outside parties.

Individuals can use financial models to help balance the risks and rewards associated with different courses of action. Especially for middle and high-net worth individuals that are raising families and trying to save for retirement, deciding the appropriate allocation of funds to different aspects of their lives can often be a daunting task. Financial modeling can simply this decision making process by quantifying best and worst case scenarios.

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Podraza CPA's financial modeling and forecasting services help businesses and individuals quantify their financial ambitions by using time-tested analytical procedures to make decisions.