Non-Profit Accounting

Non-profits must be able to produce detailed records for donors and government agencies. Keeping accurate accounting records is essential to the survival of any non-profit organization. We can provide non-profit accounting support for organizations too small to hire full-time bookkeeping personnel or provide necessary oversight for organizations that are not able to adequately segregate duties to protect the organization’s assets.

Fund accounting adds a layer of complexity that can bewilder those who have had limited experience with it. If a non-profit intends to implement a formal accounting system it must set up appropriations and encumbrances during its budgeting process and must include entries against those accounts in their everyday bookkeeping procedures.

Even non-profits operating with a single fund and a single revenue source that are able to avoid the these complexities face the same accounting and compliance issues as their for-profit counterparts. Public charities, educational institutions, unions and other non-profits that have public oversight have a responsibility to their contributors and members to ensure financial transparency.  Private foundations, charitable remainder trusts and other non-public charities face an array of compliance issues that require strict accounting controls.  

These fiduciary responsibilities are not to be taken lightly as they often carry significant personal exposure for the directors and officers of the organizations. Podraza CPA is well positioned to help all forms of tax exempt entities faces their financial reporting challenges.

Our non-profit accounting services can help non-profits with their payroll, bookkeeping and financial reporting needs regardless of the complexity of the operation.  We can provide expert guidance to help you establish internal controls over financial reporting, assist with budgeting and forecasting and provide professionally formatted financial reports in accordance with standards promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

We look forward to assisting your organization develop and implement a strategy to meet its financial reporting obligations.

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Podraza CPA is well positioned to help the officers and directors of non-profit organizations minimize the personal exposure associated with the fiduciary obligations they have to their contributors and members.