Fully Outsourced Bookkeeping

Our fully outsourced bookkeeping service functions as your virtual accounting department. Often small businesses try to hire part-time staff to work out of their home or they stuff their bookkeeper in the corner of a production area. Not surprisingly, the quality of work suffers as a result of having the bookkeeper working in the wrong environment. Bookkeeping is tedious detailed work.  It is easy to make mistakes.  Using the latest in technological advances we are able to cost effectively eliminate these issues.

Fully Outsourced Bookkeeping

Under the fully outsourced bookkeeping model our staff will absorb one or more accounting functions. You can interact directly with our staff to respond to customers, vendors and creditors and get reports to manage your finances.  Our goal is to make it seem as though our staff is your staff, without the headache of having to make sure that they are properly trained, show up for work and stay productive throughout the day.

The systems we establish to meet your needs are fully customized. In one common scenario we may be engaged to manage the processing and payment of a client’s vendor invoices.  Our firm receives the bills and input them into the system.  We provide you with a report of outstanding invoices that need to be paid so that you can select which bills to pay.  We print the checks, mail them out with copies of the checks stapled to the receipts.  Similar solutions can be developed for customer invoicing, accounts receivable management, payroll and purchasing functions.

Professional and Affordable

Client’s choosing this model can rest easy knowing their accounting functions are in the hands of a professional. We deliver professional, affordable service by making use of efficiencies we developed over the past 30 years.

You will maintain full control over your finances – you will just be doing it without opening mail or printing checks.

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Our staff can help organize your accounting information and provide reports so you can respond to inquiries from customers and vendors.  This service is entirely customized to meet your unique needs.