Business Coaching

Our business coaching service is designed to provide a sounding board for business owners and managers looking for problem-solving sessions in a private, confidential and intimate setting.

The stereotypical bean counter is no longer the standard in the CPA industry. These days we are doing far less adding and subtracting and far more strategy management and business development. We saw that the public was looking for professionals that could analytically address complex business situations and we rose to that challenge. It was a natural function of working with entrepreneurs, measuring their results and helping them evaluate their performance. The fact is that numbers don’t lie. There is no fluff in the feedback you get from a financial statement.

It is often said that is lonely at the top and we understand that well at Podraza CPA. Business owners and managers are often confronted with stressful situations that are not appropriate to discuss with their employees or families. Sometimes they need outside counsel to help them come up with creative solutions to address complex business issues. We help clarify objectives, identify core issues and provide feedback to help make the tough decisions.

Business coaching is focused on helping develop the people in an organization to improve the business itself. Getting feedback from an independent, external source increases self-awareness of motives, personal capacities and values in a way that can never be done with co-workers, employees, friends or family. There are simply too many political and interpersonal conflicts to get the kind of feedback you need to continuously improve at an accelerated rate.

We provide fair, impartial feedback and insightful guidance to support you when you are facing difficult transitions and tough decisions. Call us today to find out how our business coaching service can help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking for independent, insightful, results-orientated feedback, Podraza CPA has the right experience to help you benchmark your achievements and keep you moving forward.