Technology Services

We give great credit to the professionals who had to keep meticulous handwritten ledgers and develop proficiency with slide rules, but technology has commoditized (or replaced) many of the competencies that used to make accountants effective and it forced our profession to re-evaluate how we can best service the public.

Technology is improving the way we capture, analyze, present, protect and even interpret information. This provides excellent opportunities for us to find ways to get more value from reporting systems.

Code has become so encapsulated it is prudent for every organization to evaluate where techology may be able to create a ROI. We are here to help review your processes to identify where you may benefit from investments in technology.

What is compelling about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is that now we can tackle an organization's problems more granuarly. Ten years ago we would often have had to replatform to get the desired functionality. Today we can integrate-in or plug-in an app to address the need without the collateral.

  • ERP / CRM / DSS Advisory
  • Implementation
  • Application Optimization
  • Process Automation
  • Migrations / Integrations
  • Training / Support